Jewish Converts to Islam Promoting Leninism and Anti-Semitism
Wednesday, March 03 2010 - by Takfiris.Com
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In this article we will take a brief, illustrated look at the role of Joseph Cohen in the promotion of Anti-Semitism. Joseph Cohen is a former Talmudist turned Muslim who promotes the revolutionary ideology of Lenin in its Qutbi flavour, and currently propagates the teachings of Abdullah al-Faisal al-Jamaikee. We should clarify here that when we use the word "Anti-Semitism" it refers to racial hatred against any one from a Semitic background which includes the Arabs, the Arabs are the largest grouping of Semites. It should not be tolerated that hatred be shown to someone because of their racial origin. But as we will see, Joseph Cohen's particular brand of Anti-Semitism is one that is designed to lead to hatred against all Semites (and non-Semite Muslims) and not just against any one particular faction.

Former Talmudist Turned Muslim Helps Promote Anti-Semitism Through Fake, Childish, Over the Top Antics: Aiding the Vilification of Islam, Arab Semites and Muslims in General

Here we have Mr. Cohen, he's got a book whose title is made visible to the camera. On his face he is wearing what can be described as a combined smile and snarl. We see gratification and satisfaction oozing from his nostrils in this particular pose. You get the aim and objective behind the photo ...

Next, Mr. Cohen is in a store, he is holding up an orange juice drink which is called "Joos", he's got a big long knife (from the kitchenware section), and we see that very aggressive, mean looking pose. You would have thought that the ADL and Abe Foxman would have had this guy for roast by now ...

Next, Mr Cohen's snarl has grown since the first picture. It's even more bright and colorful now as he holds up the New York Post which reports the death of 9 soldiers. The aim again is to present a certain picture of Islam, the Muslims and Arabs to the audience and the onlookers.

Next, we have Mr. Cohen holding a large banner as part of a protest against a Jewish rally. Yes, 85% or every nation knows of the injustice (forget the polls they're rigged), but here Mr. Cohen is treating every supporter as an "enemy combatant". That's your justification for terrorism and taking life unlawfully right there.

Here is Mr. Cohen again, this time supplicating for a "mushroom cloud". (Without belittling the injustice of al-juboot), it's likely he's been eating the wrong type of mushrooms himself, because to promote the doctrines of Abdullah al-Faisal al-Jamaikee (even the other Takfiris disown him), it means you must be on something...

Now its close up and personal. Mr. Cohen and his accomplice (see next) have got a complex with "Joos" and "Juice". Here he is giving the apparance of holding a gun to the "Joos". It's a type of behaviour you don't see from your average Muslim. It's childish, even if Mr. Cohen knows full well the intended outcome...

Pay attention to this other guy with Joseph Cohen, because he is an accomplice, and (it appears) he has been present at rallies where he holds banners with slogans such as "Re-open Auschwitz" and then deceptively placing the website address "SalafiTalk.Net" underneath so as to mislead the onlookers against that website.

The one in the T-shirt appears to be the same one with Cohen above. We have put an inset of Mr. Joseph Cohen in this picture when he was formerly a Talmudist. Again we see a type of incitation that should have really been pounced upon by the ADL. In the UK, you would most likely be in the courts by now.

Wow, that's nice... prime time television coverage on Fox News - its not easy to come by - reaching millions upon millions of Americans. You never find the intelligent, articulate Muslim able to speak, but former Talmudist Mr. Cohen's militant, rabid anti-Jewish persona is getting prime time.

The American Nazi Party and Frank Cohen ...

Frank Collin (real name Francis Cohen): In the 1970s, leader of the Nazi Party of America lost this position when it was discovered that he was a Jew himself. His father had changed the family name from Cohen to Collin. The official story is that abuse from his father as a child is what led to him to this Anti-Semitism.

These days you don't have to hide your Jewish background when making blatantly over-the-top rabid anti-Jewish diatribes and calling for Leninist revolutions in Muslim lands, or even when acting as the global media guru for al-Qaeda. The vast majority of Jewish converts are decent Muslims and they and their practice are collectively a good criterion and standard for understanding and evaluating the activities of (suspect) idiots like Mr. Cohen.

Theodore Herzl: Anti-Semites Are Our Best Friend

It was Mr. Herzl himself who wrote over 100 years ago, in his Diary (Part 1, page 16)

...The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our best friends...

If we were to use the words of Mr. Herzl as a measuring stick (whilst noting that "Anti-Semitism" to Mr. Herzl is much more narrowly defined than for our purpose in this article), Mr. Cohen (and Mr. Gadahn) are doing a wonderful job thus far. We will cover Mr. Gadahn (grandson of a prominent ADL member) in a separate article, but when you have got those types of connections its very easy to get prime time coverage on television so you can get your message out to millions (i.e. getting the average American to think "those nasty evil Muslims and Arab terrorists"), whilst other Muslims with common sense and moderate views who denounce terrorism intelligently and articulately would never get a millimeter past the door.

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