Lashkar-e-Taiba: Takfiri Kharijites Upon the Manhaj of al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen - Part 2: Main Figureheads, Major Centres, and Main Objectives
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The Main Figureheads and Publications of Laskhar-e-Taiba

These are some of the most important of their leaders and figureheads: Hafidh Muhammad Sa'eed (founder and administrative leader, head of the magazines al-Ribaat and al-Dawah), Hafidh Abdur-Rahman Makkee, Naveed Qamar, Qaadee Kashif Nayaaz, Ameer Hamzah, Hafidh Abdus-Salam Bahtawee, Zafar Iqbal, Abdul-Ghaffar A'waan, Muhammad Yusuf Tayyibee, Abdul-Ghaffar Madani, Nasar Javaid, Qari' Muhammad Ya'qub Abd al-Mannaan an-Noor Fawree, Abdullah Muntadhir, Ghulam Qadir Subhanee, Adnan al-Jehlumi al-Britanee... there are many more in the list, around 80 altogether (see pp.149-153).

Major Publications

As for their publications (where their manhaj and general orientation is espoused), they are:

  • Majalat ud-Da'wah, which is issued every month in the Urdu language and it contains calamities, it is a political magazine filled with lies and deviations.
  • Majallah al-Ribaat, which is issued every month in the Urdu language, it is full of lies, deviations and stories. The hizbiyyoon and takfiriyyoon write therein.
  • Majallah al-Tayyibaat, a magazine specifically for women.
  • Mudhakkirah al-Da'wah
  • Ghazwa, full of politics.

Major Branches

As for its major branches:

  • Headquarters in Lahore in Markaz al-Qaadisiyyaah
  • Markaz Tayyibah - Shaykhpoorah
  • Markaz Hudaiyybiyyah - Rawalpindi
  • Markaz Khaybaradam - Siyalkot
  • Markaz Aqsa (Masjid Taqwa) - Quetta, Baluchistan
  • Masjid Umm al-Quraa - Sarhal
  • Jami'ah ad-Diraasaat al-Islaamiyyah - Karachi
  • Markaz Bab al-Islam - Haidarabaad
  • Markaz Umm al-Quraa - Raheem Yar Khan
  • Al-Ma'had al-Ilmee lid-Da'wah al-Islamiyyah - Mudhaffar Kurah
  • Jami'ah Uthman bin Affaan - Bahawalpur
  • Madrasah Hudhaifah bin al-Yaamaan - Mudhaffarabaad

These are the most important ones but there are other centres which range from small to large in the various towns and cities, and they take the form of schools and institutes.

Main Goals and Objectives

  • Turning people away from the da'wah (call) of the Prophets and Messengers, the call to Tawhid (in its broad comprehensive and detailed sense) and turning them to their claimed (version of) jihaad in Kashmir and other places.
  • Calling the people to revolt against the rulers, and inciting the people against them.
  • Making Takfeer of the rulers explicitly or by insinuation, and (focusing on) considering the rulers to be tawaagheet.
  • Striving to acquire rulership (for themselves) through the route of Jihaad as they claim
  • Inciting the Muslims towards suicide missions, claiming that they are jihaad in the path of Allaah.
  • Bringing about hatred amongst the Muslims towards the Scholars known for soundness in aqidah and manhaj and bringing about nearness to the Ahl al-Bid'ah.
  • Their goal behind jihaad is not to make Allah's word supreme but it is centred around land and nation and bringing about - as they claim - a khaleefah for the Muslims.
  • Inviting people to their claimed (version of) jihaad through the use of fables and stories (which are fabricated, invented and contain deviations), and with lies and innovations which have no basis.
  • Calling the people to have loyalty and allegiance towards the Innovators and deviants such as the Raafidah, Deobandis and Barelwis for the sake of wealth.

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