Yusuf al-Qaradawi on Sayyid Qutb: All Muslims Are Apostates (Kuffaar, Mushrikeen) Except Those Who Agree With My Ideology and Join My Group
Thursday, December 31 2009 - by Takfiris.Com
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Yusuf al-Qardawi is one of the most prominent of the contemporary figureheads of al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen and he has written many times on the movements of Takfir. We see a couple of trends amongst todays Ikhwanis. Seeing that the ideologies of Takfir found in Qutb's books are harmful to their cause, a group amongst them (like al-Qaradawi) are trying to distance the Ikhwaan from these teachings. He is opposed by others, who try to downplay the issue of Takfir and argue that the books of Sayyid Qutb have been fundamental to the Ikhwaani movement, and that they have an important role to play. We'll leave them to argue about these issues, but here is a statement of al-Qaradawi taken from an article published on 4th May 2004 called (هل يكفّر "سيد قطب" مسلمي اليوم؟) in which he outlines the ideology of Takfir in the works of Sayyid Qutb.

He writes, after quoting a passage from Qutb's commentary az-Zilal (7/269) (في ظلال القرآن طبعة عيسى الحلبي الثانية), and he is essentially summarizing the main points from what he quoted from Qutb:

النص واضح تمام الوضوح: إن الكاتب لا يعتبر مسلما إلا من آمن بفكرته هذه، وهي الفئة التي يسميها "العصبة المسلمة"، وهي التي يجب أن تشعر بأنها وحدها هي "الأمة المسلمة"، وأن ما حولها ومن حولها ممن لم يدخلوا فيما دخلت فيه جاهلية وأهل جاهلية، أي هم مشركون وكفار، ليس لهم في الإسلام نصيب، وإن كانوا يصلون ويصومون ويزكون ويحجون! فكأنما المسلمون جميعا بمثابة مشركي مكة عند البعثة المحمدية، وكأنما دعوته بمثابة دعوة محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم؛ من آمن بها دخل في الإسلام، ومن لم يؤمن بها فهو جاهلي كافر حلال الدم!!

The text is clear, and completely apparent: The writer (Qutb) does not consider [anyone] to be a Muslim except whoever believes in this ideology of his, and this is the group that he calls the "Muslim Vanguard", and this [group] is the one for which it is obligatory to realize that it alone is the "Muslim Ummah", and that whatever is around it and whoever is around it, from those who have not entered into what [this group] has entered into, is [itself] Jaahiliyyah and [those people are] the people of Jaahiliyyah, meaning they are Mushriks and Kuffar, they do not have any share of Islaam, even if they pray, fast, give zakah, and make the pilgrimage. It is as if all the Muslims are equivalent to the Mushriks of Makkah at the time of the sending of Muhammad (as a Messenger), and it is as if his da'wah is equivalent to the da'wah of Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam), whoever believed in that da'wah entered into Islaam and whoever did not believe in it, then he is a Jaahiliyy, Kaafir, whose blood is permissible to shed!!

There is no doubt to any sincere Muslim, that this is the deen of the Khawaarij, only it is more severe, more evil and more repugnant, and amazing is the state of a people willing to expend the greatest of efforts in trying to propagandize for this man's works and to defend him and his books in which there is nothing left, after you remove all the aspects of the aqidah of the Jahmiyyah, Mu'tazilah, Ash'ariyyah, Raafidah, except the madhhab of the Khawaarij and the manifestos of secular atheist Jews, such as Vladimir Lenin.

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