The Takfiri Retard Series: Part 4: Abu Waleed, Salafiyyah and Stupid Thieves
Saturday, May 10 2014 - by Takfiris.Com
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The Similarity Between Dumb Thieves Posting Pictures of Their Theft and Takfiri Retards Feigning Salafiyyah

In the video below Abu Waleed (of the so-called "Salafi Media UK" or "SMUK") demonstrates the likeness between him and dumb thieves who expose themselves during (or after) their theft (not too intelligent) - examples of this abound in news reports.

He states (mp3):

Sayyid Qutb, if we looked at him now, he said, "Our words are dead until we killed and our blood will give it life", so the message of people like, even people like Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin (rahimahullah), Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki, people like Sayyid Qutb, Hassan al-Banna, people like, whoever it is, anybody who has been at the forefront of the revival for Islaam...

What is the connection between thieves who post pictures online (and get caught) and these types of Takfiris. Well let's first find some retarded thieves for illustration:

Now, that we have the concept in mind, let us give the sharh (explanation) of the similitude:

These thieves used deception, cunning, concealment and the likes in order to misappropriate what does not belong to them (the expensive Lamborghini in the picture). Then, being retards, they exposed themselves openly, revealed their true identities and got caught. In a similar vain, these Takfiris (former Tahriris) - when they got exposed for their Mu'tazilee creed in the late 1990s, they decided to use deception and began operating as "Ahl al-Sunnah", "Ghurabaa", "Saved Sect" and more recently as "Salafis". They did this by speaking about Allaah's Names and Attributes, revolving around Imaam Ahmad and the creation of the Qur'an trial, and some of them now even post videos of the biography of Imaam al-Barbahaaree (taking them from books translated by Salafis of course) - so they tried to resemble the Salafis by trying to talk the same topics and same language. Then, like the retarded thieves mentioned above, we see Abu Waleed here revealing openly on social media who his real shaykhs and heroes are, they are Sayyid Qutb, Hassan al-Banna, Anwar al-Awlaki. Bang goes your claimed Salafiyyah. Sayyid Qutb is a Jahmee in aqidah (see - so naturally, what hypocrisy in behaviour and in walaa and baraa that you claim to preach the aqidah of the Salaf in Names and Attributes and then you aggrandize and promote a Jahmite like Sayyid Qutb and call to him, and he is a reviler of Uthmaan (radiyallaahu anhu) and he made Takfir of some of the Companions (radiyallaahu anhum), in particular those from Bani Umayyah.

So this is the similitude, Abu Waleed (of the so-called "Salafi Media UK" or "SMUK") through cunning and deception, steals and dons the gown of Salafiyyah, then goes on to expose himself as a thief, liar and fraudster, walhamdulillah. Their hypocritical behaviour and their pretense of walaa and baraa for the Aqidah of Tawhid and of Asmaa and Sifaat and aqidah regarding the Companions is made clear by their own words and deeds. They are walking, talking refutations of themselves. The only thing we have done here is to draw people's attention to this fact.

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