Takfiris on Steroids (3): Saudi Member of Jabhah al-Nusrah Executes Two Saudis From ISIS (Daish)
Friday, July 04 2014 - by Takfiris.Com
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Hordes of deceived youth have travelled and are travelling to Iraq and Syria under the lure of fighting against the Nusayriyyah and being from the alleged "khilafah", the alleged Islamic state. However, as this video and many others show (from former members of ISIS), when these people arrive, they are advised, after training, to seek out and kill the "apostates" which are all other factions operating in the region besides ISIS and of which there are many. Broadly speaking, there is Jabhah al-Nusrah, Free Syrian Army, a number of Kurdish groups, and of course, the dubious ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). The splintering is actually much more than this, but these are four of the most prominent factions.

In the video below a Saudi member of Jabhah al-Nusrah executes two Saudi men from Riyadh with shots to the head at close range, after judgement is passed upon them for "abandoning fighting the Nusayriyyah and taking up arms against the Mujahideen."

You can listen to the audio of the video here: (MP3).

Observations and Comments

01. There is an analysis with some merit and evidence that ISIS have or are receiving covert backing and support from foreign intelligence agencies for long term agendas. Whatever the case, on a broader scale, whoever controls that entire region (mid-Asia) will have acquired energy security for the next few hundred years at least, so a lot is at stake. Western intelligence and the Russians play what is an apparent chess game in working out how to maintain influence in and carve out the region by stoking up conflict. In the midst of that, the Gulf countries (largely Sunni) and Iran/Syria (Shi'ite) have to maneouvre themselves with important political and economical decisions to protect the interests of their countries and people. Iran has its own designs towards the Sunni Gulf states and actively pursues a policy of engineering strife and revolution in those states. As far as intelligence agencies are concerned, destabilization of the whole region is best created through stoking a Sunni/Shia conflict, leading to regional turmoil and strife on a large scale that leads to destruction of these nations, exhausting them, bankrupting them and killing off large numbers of people. Why get your own hands dirty? Let them kill themselves (by secretly supporting them to do so), and then come in afterwards as peacemakers. Following this, control can be more easily gained of oil, gas and mineral resources alongside installation of the preferred system of subjugation of economies of nations (a private foreign central bank lending currency at interest with an illusory democracy) with power shared between groups separated along ethnic or sectarian lines to lay foundations for continued internal conflict making unity impossible. Whilst these affairs are sometimes very difficult to analyze because of the complexity involved in geopolitics, one does not have to be very intelligent to decipher a basic broad picture of the situation. A similar situation happened in Algeria in the 1990s when French intelligence agencies stoked up extremist Kharijites to discredit the general (and largely peaceful opposition) of the masses against the government. These masses had been misled by Ikhwanis into thinking that entry into democracy will help establish Islam! These extremist Kharijites then unleashed terror and carnage leading to chaos and the killing of hundreds of thousands, with many towns and villages wiped out. Men, women and children were executed in masses under charges of apostasy. In fact, their extremism reached such a level that a man would kill his own parents for marrying their daughter to a policeman, and they considered this nearness and devotion to Allaah! The Takfiri Kharijites serve the interests of foreign intelligence agencies. For certain they are infiltrated and directed. The Takfiri Kharijite - while appearing otherwise on the surface - is the perfect instrument of destabilization in the lands of the Muslims. Little surprise it is that the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) stated that Dajjaal will appear in their midst at the end of time (see here).

02. When misguided, ignorant, deviant innovators - the Qa'di Kharijites (those who sit and incite others) - like Adnan Ar'oor (Qutbi) and likewise Muhammad Mis'ary (Tahriri) are speaking openly about ISIS and declaring them Kharijites and that they are supported by higher agendas, that tells you something. This is after these same straying, misguided, despicable deviants were giving fuel to the fire in the early stages of the tribulations by goading the Syrian people to revolt against Assad. In reality, these people (Adnaan Ar'oor, Muhammad al-Mis'ary, Muhammad Hassan, Muhammad al-Areefee) are simply trying to wash their hands clean of the trials and tribulations they aided and supported and now that the affairs have gotten out of hand and the world is seeing barbarities (through social media), the Qa'di Kharijites are labelling the blood-wrenched Kharijites as "Kharijites." How strange and amazing is the affair of these misguided, deluded devils! Dirtying their hands in plain daylight, then washing their hands in plain daylight, thinking their hypocrisy and deception has not gone unnoticed.

03. A warning to all sensible people: Do not be deceived by these misguided straying wanderers, Kharijite dogs of hellfire, who have never for one day aided Islam and its people. Rather, the Prophetic Sunnah and history bears witness that they only ever wreak havoc, and that they will remain until prior to the hour when Dajjaal appears in their midst (see here). This evil group lures people under the guise of Jihad in the path of Allah, which for them in reality is to wipe out all opposition (who have not pledged allegiance to their alleged Islamic state), declaring them "apostates" and slaughtering them. ISIS has strings and though it is difficult to pinpoint accurately where those strings are being pulled from, there is enough evidence to indicate such strings are there. These strings are being pulled to create large-scale strife and to facilitate destruction of nations in that area through expansion of the arena of war gradually to cover the whole region. There is no shar'iyy Jihaad here. It is fitnah. And fighting is prohibited in fitnah. So we call upon all Muslims, do not be deceived by your emotions, and judge with the Book and the Sunnah, and return back to the Scholars of Islam, Sunnah and Salafiyyah. The Kharijite dogs have no scholars, have you ever heard them name one of their contemporary Scholars or from whom they receive guidance? They don't have any. They are nurtured upon the books of Qutb and Mawdudi and other Rafidi, Shia-loving innovators. Know that the origin of the Raafidah and the Khawarij are the same, their foundation goes back to the Sab'iyyah. And likewise know today - to all contrary appearances - Iran (Rafidah) on the one hand and the Takfiri Kharijites on the other are two sides of the same coin that is in someone else's pocket and is being spent to destroy the people and lands of Tawhid, Sunnah and Jamaa'ah, to dominate them and to take their lands and resources.

04. Finally, repeating the statement of Wahb bin Munabbih (d. 110H) from over 13 centuries ago (as related in Tarikh Dimashq) goes without saying:

"I reached (the era) of early Islam and by Allaah, never did the Kharijites have a jamaa'ah except that Allaah split it apart upon the evilness of their condition. Nor did one of them proclaim his opinion except that Allaah smote his neck. Never did the Ummah unite upon a man from the Kharijites, ever. And if Allaah had allowed the opinion of the Kharijites to take root, the Earth would have been corrupted, the paths (of travel) would have been cut off, travel for Hajj to the Sanctified House of Allaah would have been cut off and then the affair of Islaam would have returned to that of Jaahiliyyah until the people would resign to seeking rescue from the mountain-tops, as they used to in Jaahiliyyah. And then there would arise more than ten or twenty men, there not being a man amongst them except that he would claim the khilaafah for himself, and with each man amongst them would be ten-thousand, all fighting each other, and testifying against each other with (the charge of) kufr (disbelief), until a believing man would become fearful for his self, his deen, his blood, his family, his wealth, not knowing where to go and nor whom to be with!"

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