Takfiris on Steroids (1): ISIS Declares Regional Leader of Rival Faction (al-Nusrah) an Apostate and Kills Him
Sunday, June 22 2014 - by Takfiris.Com
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In the video below it is revealed that ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) declared apostate and killed a regional leader of al-Nusrah (Abu Sa'd al-Hadrami) because he was taking bay'ah from members of the FSA (Free Syrian Army). Pay attention here: According to the Takfiris of ISIS, the regional leader of al-Nusrah became apostate because he was taking pledges of allegiance from members of FSA (the FSA are a nationalistic opposition to the regime of Bashar Assad). In other words, they were leaving FSA to come and join al-Nusrah, and taking pledges of allegiance from them made him an apostate! Please take your time to read the statement of Wahb bin Munabbih further below with some deliberation! The video also reveals the chaos between the various factions, the in-fighting between them and their contending against each other in raising their flags over territories they have captured.

You can listen to the audio here (MP3):

Wahb bin Munabbih (d. 110H) (rahimahullaah) said (Tarikh Dimashq of Ibn Asaakir):

I reached (the era) of early Islam and by Allaah, never did the Kharijites have a jamaa'ah except that Allaah split it apart upon the evilness of their conditions. Nor did one of them proclaim his opinion except that Allaah smote his neck. Never did the Ummah unite upon a man from the Kharijites, ever. And if Allaah had allowed the opinion of the Kharijites to take root, the Earth would have been corrupted, the paths (of travel) would have been cut off, travel for Hajj to the Sanctified House of Allaah would have been cut off and then the affair of Islaam would have returned to that of Jaahiliyyah until the people would resign to seeking rescue from the mountain-tops, as they used to in Jaahiliyyah. And then there would arise more than ten or twenty men, there not being a man amongst them except that he would claim the khilaafah for himself, and with each man amongst them would be ten-thousand, all fighting each other, and testifying against each other with (the charge of) kufr (disbelief), until a believing man would become fearful for his self, his deen, his blood, his family, his wealth, not knowing where to go and nor whom to be with!

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