Yusuf al-Qaradawi: The Takfir of All Societies and Announcement of Destructive Revolutions In the Final Works of Sayyid Qutb
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Yusuf al-Qaradawi, said in his book (أولويات الحركة الإسلامية) "Priorities of the Islamic Movement" (p.110):

في هذه المرحلة ظهرت كتب الشهيد سيد قطب، التي تمثل المرحلة الأخيرة من تفكيره، والتي تنضح بتكفير المجتمع، وتأجيل الدعوة إلى النظام الإسلامي بفكرة تجديد الفقه وتطويره، وإحياء الاجتهاد، وتدعو إلى العزلة الشعورية عن المجتمع، وقطع العلاقة مع الآخرين، وإعلان الجهاد الهجومي على الناس كافة، والإزراء بدعاة التسامح والمرونة، ورميهم بالسذاجة والهزيمة النفسية أمام الحضارة الغربية، ويتجلى ذلك أوضح ما يكون في تفسير "في ظلال القرآن" في طبعته الثانية، وفي "معالم في الطريق"، ومعظمه مقتبس من الظلال، وفي "الإسلام ومشكلات الحضارة"، وغيرها

And it was in this period that the books of the Shaheed, Sayyid Qutb appeared, the books that represented his final thoughts (in ideology, before his death). Those which justified the Takfir of (whole) societies... the breaking of all sentimental attachments to society, breaking off ties with others, and the announcement of a destructive jihad against the whole of mankind. And showing contempt against the du’at who call for lenience and softness, accusing them of idiocy, and being defeatist [Saying all of this], in front of the western civilisation. He made this manifest, in the most clear manner in the tafsir, "Fee Zilaal il-Qur'aan", in the 2nd edition and in "Ma'alim fit-Tariq" (Milestones), and the bulk of it is taken from "Zilal" and "Al-Islam wa Mushkilat al-Hadaarah" and others...

In this quote one of major figureheads of al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen confirms that Qutb revived the manhaj of the Kharijites (Khawaarij) based upon his Takfir of the whole Ummah, and called for a destructive "Jihaad" (which really means a Leninist Revolution Islamicized as "Jihaad") against all governments and nations. As for his Takfir of all nations and societies, it is a matter as clear as daylight and there are abundant explicit texts in this regard in his books which we will highlight inshaa'Allaah. As for the Leninist-type revolution he advocated in the name of Jihaad, then contemporary members of the Muslim Brotherhood acknowledge that Qutb was influenced by Leninist revolutionary methodology. Ibrahim al-Houdaiby writes in an article "Four Decades After Sayyid Qutb's Execution" (bold emphasis is ours):

In "Milestones" Qutb presents a manifesto for change, one heavily influenced by Lenin's "What is to be done," with the clear Islamization of its basic notions. He argued that society was suffering from "jahiliyya" (a state of ignorance which preceded the revelation of Islam) and that consequently, there is no room for middle ground between Islamists and their societies.

Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan said, as occurs in the book (الإجابات المهمة فى المشاكل الملمة) in response to a question by some students pertaining to those who revile a particular Scholar who refuted Qutb and then advise the students to read the books of Sayyid Qutb:

أما تخصيصه قراءة كتب فلان فقط ، فهذا يدل على أنه صاحب هوى ... ونحن اذا قرأنا كتب سيد قطب أو غيرها ماذا نستفيد ؟ هل نستفيد معرفة التوحيد ؟ هل نستفيد معرفة الشرك ؟ هل نستفيد معرفة العبادات ؟ هل نستفيد معرفة أحكام المعاملات والفقه ؟ لا أظن أننا نستفيد منها هذه النوعيات العظيمة من العلم بل نستفيد منها الحماس الفارغ ، والتكفير لعموم المسلمين ، والأفكار الثورية فالناصح يوصي الطلاب بقراءة الكتب المفيدة لهم في عقيدتهم ، وفي عباداتهم ، وفي معاملاتهم ، هذا هو الناصح

As for him specifying reading the books of so and so only, then this indicates he is a person of desire ... and when we read the books of Sayyid Qutb or other than them, [with what] shall we benefit? Will be benefit in knowing Tawheed? Will we benefit in knowing Shirk? Will we benefit in knowing the acts of worship? Will we benefit in knowing the rulings of the mu'aamalaat and fiqh? I do not think we will benefit from these great types of knowledge. Rather, we will benefit from them [only with] empty sentiments, Takfir of the generality of the Muslims, and revolutionary ideologies (i.e. rebellions and snatches of power). So the advisor [ought to] advise the students to read the books beneficial to them in their aqidah, their [acts of] worship, their dealings. This is the one who is the [sincere] advisor.

And this statement shows that these people are not attached to the books of Qutb except for the reason that they contain Takfir of all Muslim societies and calls for violent (Leninist-type) revolutions. This is now a known, established truth, its out in the open, and excuses are not possible any more, because once the truth is established, the excuses are cut off, the doors have been shut, the hujjah has been established, and no one persists in propagandizing for Qutb after this, or going out of their way to defend his ideologies whilst slandering, reviling, abusing and attacking those who defend the aqidah from Qutb's excesses except an astray deviant.

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