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All praise is due to Allaah and may prayers and salutations be upon the Messenger. To proceed:

Welcome to Takfiris.Com! The label "Takfiris" refers to a people who are upon the aqidah of the Kharijites, which is essentially based around two doctrines:

  • Making unrestricted generalized takfir upon other than the Sharee'ah principles, and often on the basis of what does not actually amount to kufr that expels from the religion - to see one of their shubuhaat based upon which they make Takfir read these words from Shaykh Ibn Jibreen. It's a statement that on its own merits, smites their lips, blackens their faces, renders them impotent, and destroys the basis of the da'wah of today's Leninist Kharijites in a single sweep - and ironically, it is from a Scholar with whom they have a great attachment. Whilst he did defend some of their figureheads, he certainly was not upon their baatil in this regard.

  • Revolting against those in authority, either with the shubhah of Takfir or without it. In the 20th century Sayyid Qutb revived this doctrine through the incorporation of a revolutionary ideology (which came from secular atheist Jews such as Vladimir Lenin) into his works - as is readily admitted by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and as is noted by a range of Scholars including Shaykh al-Albaani, Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin, Shaykh Salih al-Fawzaan and others.

Further, this faction of people will continue to emerge, and they will continue to be cut off, until the Dajjaal will appear in their very midst. This is textually stated in authentic ahaadeeth, and it is a point of aqidah for us, to believe in the continued emergence and cutting off of the Kharijites (Takfiris), and it was from the knowledge of the unseen that Allaah revealed to His Messenger (alayhis salaam).

So the question that arises is that if the Kharijites will keep emerging, then who are they today? Who are their figureheads, and what are the books that are their spring and fountain, and what are their arguments and doubts? This site will help to answer these questions based upon the statements of Ahl us-Sunnah, past and present.

We will refer to the 20th century Kharijites as "Leninist-Takfiris", or "Qutbo-Leninists" because the Leninist ideology (revolution led by an elite vanguard) is one of the core concepts that Qutb authored his books around and in which he propounded his destructive methodology, as readily acknowledged by prominent members of al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen, and this has been written about by many non-Muslim authors and academics.

Note: It is important to realize that Takfir is a Sharee'ah ruling and it is from the religion. The angle from which these people are called Takfiris by the Scholars of Ahl us-Sunnah is the same angle through which the Qadariyyah are labelled as such, due to their rejection of al-Qadar, and the Qur'aniyyoon are called as such due to their rejection of the Sunnah, and the Takfiriyyoon are called as such due to their exaggeration in the affairs of Takfir, upon other than the Sharee'ah principles. So just like those other labels of Qadariyyan, and Qur'aniyyoon do not belittle the Divine Qadar or the Qur'an, then likewise, the label "Takfiriyyoon" is simply a label of identification of a group and does not belittle the issue of Takfir itself, through which eemaan is distinguished from kufr.

The Revival of the Deen of the Khawaarij in the 20th Century (11)
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abdullah al-faisal abdullah el-faisal absent ummah abu az-zubair al-azzami abu muhammad al-maqdisi abu zubair saleem beg adam gadahn adam pearlman alexis carrel al-ghurabaa al-hukm ali al-timimi ali at-timimi ali juraisha al-maghrawi al-muhajiroon al-muhajirun anti-semitism anwar al-awlaki barbarism bin laden bin ladin dajjaal dajjal fareed abdul-khaliq fawzan ghulaat al-murji'ah gulf war haakim haakimiyyah hafiz muhammad sa'eed hizb ut-tahrir hukkaam ibn jibreen ibn jibrin innovated jihaad isaam barqawi islamic awakening istibdaal jaahiliyyah jahiliyyah joseph cohen kharijites khawarij khurooj kufr bawah lashkar-e-taiba laskhar-e-taiba leninism leninist takfiris mubaddal muhammad al-maghrawi omar bakri qawaaneen qutb qutbis qutbiyyah rebellion revolt revolutionary vanguard safar al-hawali sahwah salaah as-saawee salah as-sawi saleem beg saleem begg salman al-awdah salman awan saudi arabia saudi government sayyid qutb secular laws secularism sinful rulers suicide bombings tabdeel takfeer takfir takfir al-mu'ayyan takfir bil-ayn takfir of actions takfir of individuals takfir of sayings takfir ul-fi'l takfir ul-qawl takfiri movements takfiris tyrannical rulers usama bin laden usama bin ladin usamah bin laden vladimir lenin yusuf al-qaradawi yusuf khattab

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